The story behind The Misfits Brand.

These products are molded by the things I’m passionate about. This brand is my story. 

Since I was really young, I’ve always done things differently than what people assumed of me. As a Latino with tattoos, I've often been stereotyped as a gang member with a rough story. That could have very easily been my story, but I had other interests. While most Latinos in high school played soccer, I was in the park with adults skateboarding and trying to land a kickflip. I also developed a love for comic books which consumed a lot of my time. I often felt unique, out of place and misunderstood throughout my life. There’s layers to who I am. This brand is for all of the people who feel the same.

My mother instilled in me the importance of appearance and looking nice. She dressed me well growing up and made sure I always looked presentable when leaving the house as I got older. From her, I developed a love for style and fashion as a form of expression.  

I decided to start with this collection because like a lot of you, I’ve found myself so focused on what other people like, that I’ve forgotten or put aside my own taste. That’s one of the reasons it took me so long to start my own brand. I was scared of what people would think of me, not the brand itself. People love to put other people's ambitions down. But then I realized I wasn’t gunna let my fear of judgment stop me from doing what I love. That’s why it made so much sense for Fuck The World to be my first drop. Fuck what they think, I’ll do what I love and find others that will fuck with it.

Uniqueness, Style and Pride. Three words that represent my life and my brand. The Misfits Brand is a mixture of things that people might not expect or don't understand. I created this brand for people like me, who have ever felt misunderstood or different, but take pride in the fact that they’re not the same. There’s no shame about it. Just wear it and be proud of it. 

The Misfits’ Architect,